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Move your sustainability plan forward

Engage the whole organization in your sustainability plan.

We partner with you to apply organizational development tools and to uncover:

  • What is motivating the organization towards sustainable development and what is missing
  • What supports and tools are necessary to move your goals forward
  • What processes you have in place to sustain sustainability
  • What nature teaches that your organization needs to know

Wherever you are on the sustainability journey, we can help.

  • Engaged employees and stakeholders are critical to your sustainability plan. You may be a seasoned sustainability professional well versed in how to plan, implement and monitor the nuts and bolts of sustainability programming, but change management and organizational development require other skill-sets. Catalyst Mind supports your sustainability planning and implementation with employee and stakeholder engagement built in from the start.
  • Developing a sustainability mindset is the next step for your organization. Going beyond the early stages of finding efficiencies, a sustainability mindset is crucial to your success. Catalyst Mind works with you to help you understand your organizational culture and to develop the right approach to develop a mindset of sustainability.
  • Don’t know what to do next, or where to start? We work with you to help you define a unique plan for your organizational needs; develop buy-in and leverage the resources for your vision – no matter where your organization is on the Sustainability Culture Continuum.

“Where do we begin?” This was the big question facing us when we, The Colonnade Group, decided to formalize our corporate social responsibility activities.

After listening to our questions and aspirations, Hilary introduced us to a framework that suited our situation. Among other activities, she guided us through a benchmark analysis, led an all-employee session to generate ideas and helped us to evaluate and set objectives.

Her environmental knowledge ensured that our activities were meaningful and manageable; her experience in organizational change was instrumental in engaging employees. She was a strong partner who encouraged, guided, and gently prodded us to success.”

Lisa Courtney Lloyd, Vice President
The Colonnade Group

A sustainable relationship is one of mutual exchange

Engage a culture of sustainability