Is Sustainability Culture Change Different From Other Organizational Change?

dna-1How is organizational change toward sustainability culture different from any other change – or is it?

A study sponsored by the Network for Business Sustainability, asks the question “what organizational practices build and support a culture of sustainability?”

As change towards sustainability is relatively new, and therefore sparsely documented, the study draws from literature assessing other types of organization-wide ethos change (safety and ethics).

The study describes two ways in which a sustainability culture change is different from other types of organizational culture change.

First, this change must be society-wide. Drivers for sustainability can be external to the organization and therefore may not be seen, at least initially, as having inherent value to the organization.

Second, achieving sustainability may involve paradigm-breaking business models and navigation into uncharted territory.

We are only at the very beginning of the journey. And that journey will involve a paradigm change that right now is difficult to imagine, given that currently we live and think within a non-sustainable paradigm.

We can only start with where we are. But we should keep in mind as we travel this journey, that we are beating a new path while we walk it.

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