Optimize Organizational Health

The four dimensions of all human endeavors involve intellectual/mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Typically, we focus on the intellectual and physical dimensions of organizations.  We may forget about the emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Here is how each dimension contributes to optimized organizational health:

Organizational Intellectual Health

The degree to which employees are using their full intellectual capacities. The flow of lines of communication in all directions; bottom-up, top-down, and horizontally. The degree to which sales, profit, and budget targets are met.

Organizational Emotional Health:

The degree to which the organization is a happy place to work, where people treat each other with mutual respect.  Organizational values are expressed in interactions among employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Organizational Physical Health:

The health of the work environment and employees. A healthy work environment has clean air, natural light and functional workspaces. Employees are encouraged to look after their health with adequate sleep, functional movement and quality food.

Organizational Spiritual Health:

This can be observed in the confidence employees show for the organization and general willingness to achieve results. Highly motivated employees, low turnover and low absenteeism are signs of an organization with a high degree of spiritual health.

An organizational assessment is a way to get started to analyze these four dimensions and to identify areas for improvement.

“Where do we begin?” This was the big question facing us when we, The Colonnade Group, decided to formalize our corporate social responsibility activities.

After listening to our questions and aspirations, Hilary introduced us to a framework that suited our situation. Among other activities, she guided us through a benchmark analysis, led an all-employee session to generate ideas and helped us to evaluate and set objectives.

Her environmental knowledge ensured that our activities were meaningful and manageable; her experience in organizational change was instrumental in engaging employees. She was a strong partner who encouraged, guided, and gently prodded us to success.”

Lisa Courtney Lloyd, Vice President
The Colonnade Group

Organizational health drives results

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