Nature’s Principles for Business Outcomes

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Learn from nature

Nature teaches:

  • Flourishing
  • Optimization
  • Synergy
  • Resilience
  • Adaptation

Naturally, this is what you want for your business.

  • Flourishing: vigorous, successful, prospering
  • Optimization: maximizing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Synergy: more achieved together
  • Resilience:  withstanding adversity
  • Adaptation: evolving with change

Nature has learned resiliency, how to adapt, optimize and flourish – all qualities organizations seek. Nature does all of this while creating more from less, while it enhances a mind-boggling range of diversity.

We can learn from nature by modelling how it functions. For example, simple organisms are able to perform very complex feats of communication and coordination by deploying “anytime algorithms”, procedures that are beneficial even if aborted. How might we do that?

We can integrate nature into our workplaces for improved productivity and well-being. Studies show, for example, that plants in the workplace can boost productivity by up to 15%. Encountering nature enhances well-being.  At the same time we achieve more focused attention, greater creativity and enhanced productivity.

Nature can not only teach us what to “do”, but also how to “be”. We can be inspired by nature’s beauty, calmed but its eternal rhythm, reassured by its generosity, awed by its power and enlivened by its vibrancy. Our encounters with nature can give us new insights, help us generate brilliant ideas and inspire wise action.

“Hilary, I really enjoyed your stories. I appreciated all the time you put into planning our day together. You took the time to ask us questions and to learn about our organization. You are very intuitive and seemed to just know where we needed to go and allowed us the space to do it.

You are a skilled facilitator and I hope I can work with you again.”

Beth Corey, Executive Director
Military Family Services

“A WOW! Experience of connecting with nature at all levels. I loved today and would return to future group sessions. Thank you for the personal strategies I have gained.”

Lise Valcour, Owner
Sport Psychology Consulting

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