sky-geeseOrganizational leaders have traditionally concerned themselves with the financial health of the organization, dominating other considerations.

Triple bottom line sustainability broadens this scope to include social and environmental factors.

When our view is elevated to explore the horizon of the near future, it is clear that economic health is dependent upon social and environmental health – and this health is failing.

Ultimately it is in all of our best interest to attend to these other factors.

This is challenging because drivers and rewards for change towards sustainability are not always apparent and broad social consensus for sustainability is new. Leadership requires cutting past conventional wisdom and having the foresight and courage to explore new ways and means of achieving ends.

Consider: Evolution happens when there is a signal of change in the environment that requires an adaptation. Organisms that pick up the signal and adapt are able to flourish through the change.

We are at that evolutionary crossroads right now.

Will your organization adapt and flourish? That depends on picking up the signal and crafting an evolutionary response.

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