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Realizing leadership potential involves accessing both the analytical and creative sides of the brain. Although most of us are highly trained to excel with our analytical brains, we leave enormous resources aside by ignoring our creative brains. The creative brain is not only creative, but also holds deep wisdom and vast capability.

Full leadership potential involves accessing logic and heart, analysis and compassion. This requires scanning the terrain within oneself as well as without. Enhanced capability affects not only professional life but personal life as well.

Through the Power Coaching methodology, leaders learn to easily access these vast resources, learn from them, and find solutions they didn’t know they had.

The outcome is a permanent positive change for the leader, enhanced thinking, and access to self-coaching techniques for future development. The return on investment is precisely measured, as each session results in observable gains.

“What I thought was to be a simple two-day environmental workshop ignited an energy and passion within me that affected my entire business and a number of projects in a profound and meaningful manner.

Hilary has the ability to guide participants toward their own unique discoveries. This results in memorable and empowering breakthroughs that leave a lasting impression and a personal call to action.”

Catherine Priestman, Owner
CP Business Solutions

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