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Identify Sustainable Value Across the Triple Bottom Line.

Leading your organization through today’s volatile world requires a new look at the landscape in your organization and outside of it. As organizations start to be required to consider climate change and supply chain impacts in their risk profile, a “People Planet Profit” perspective is necessary.

We can respond to the challenge by providing sustainable value. This means providing value that flows two ways; sustaining the organization and the context within which it exists. Sustainable value is how nature works, so it can provide a model for us to follow.

Develop leadership commitment:

  • Direct organizational evolution to adapt to changing times
  • Leverage nature’s principles to find sustainable value
  • Draw inspiration from nature to solve pressing issues; workforce, markets and products
  • Vision for sustainable value

We engage leadership teams through:

  • Dialogue to determine what sustainability means for your organization
  • Training for leaders to understand the landscape of sustainability and how to determine corporate value from the triple bottom line perspective
  • Visioning and strategic planning to set the corporate direction


“What I thought was to be a simple two-day environmental workshop ignited an energy and passion within me that affected my entire business and a number of projects in a profound and meaningful manner.

Hilary has the ability to guide participants toward their own unique discoveries. This results in memorable and empowering breakthroughs that leave a lasting impression and a personal call to action.”

Catherine Priestman, Owner
CP Business Solutions

Sustainability leaders see beyond the conventional

Engage a culture of sustainability