Igniting Leadership for Sustainability

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Igniting Leadership for Sustainability

Sustainability as a vehicle for organizational development

Workshop Outline

An environmental and social sustainability plan is fast becoming a requirement for doing business. There are many organizational advantages to being on this wave; including increased employee engagement, positive public image and improved customer satisfaction. Looking at business activities through the lens of environmental sustainability makes social, economic and environmental sense. Are you ready to support your organization’s evolution?

This course is designed for individuals from any level of the organization, and provides tools and insight to influence change regardless of your position. It will transform the way you think and introduce processes to assist you in defining your own leadership role.

How You Will Benefit:

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Define Triple Bottom Line Sustainability; what is it and how is it important for your organization
  • Understand how organizations benefit from a sustainability frame of reference
  • Develop a sustainability business case for your organization
  • Consider ways to enhance sustainability within your own organization
  • Assess your own role as a leader and influencer of change
  • Consider how to initiate a sustainability program even if you have “no resources” budgeted for it
  • Consider sustainability as a framework for employee engagement

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who seeks to enhance their own leadership and change management skills
  • Individuals who want to contribute to their organization’s development and learn how to take initiative in doing so
  • Anyone who has been designated a sustainability role in their organization
  • Anyone who wants to initiate a program of social and environmental sustainability within their organization
  • Managers will benefit additionally by considering this topic from the perspective of employee engagement.

Program Topics

The Sustainability Map

  • What is sustainability and what’s it got to do with your organization
  • Pathways to a sustainable organization

Sustainability and Your Organization

  • The business case for sustainability within your organization
  • Where you can go from here

Influence the Sustainability Agenda

  • Leadership at any level
  • Influence organizational change

Define Your Role

  • Outline your strategy
  • Identify next steps

Contact Us to Register:

To offer this course at your organization or to attend a public workshop;

Call 613 686-3113 or email info@catalystmind.com

“What I thought was to be a simple two-day environmental workshop ignited an energy and passion within me that affected my entire business and a number of projects in a profound and meaningful manner.

Hilary has the ability to guide participants toward their own unique discoveries.  This results in memorable and empowering breakthroughs that leave a lasting impression and a personal call to action.”

Catherine Priestman, Owner
CP Business Solutions

Sustainability leaders see beyond the conventional

Engage a culture of sustainability