Can nature be of benefit in the workplace? More and more studies are demonstrating a link between workplace productivity and exposure to nature.

These four posts explore some of the reasons why, and one simple and inexpensive way to leverage nature’s benefits for the workplace.

A Little Known Fact About You and Nature

We synchronize with our environment – physiologically, emotionally and mentally. Our inner world aligns with the outer world, whether it be a busy street or a calming forest. In this way our surroundings become our “normal” – and we are largely unaware of the cost/benefit to our well-being.

When Does Nature Heal?

Not only being immersed in nature, but just viewing nature can have a profound effect on our physical, mental and emotional state.

Why Nature Inspires Well-being: Workplace Benefits

Three theories about why nature has such a profound effect on human health and capability.

Viewing Nature Enhances Productivity

A simple, inexpensive and time-efficient way to capture the benefits of nature in the workplace.