The times, they are a-changing.

The notion of ideal leadership and what influences organizational excellence are two of those things.

Driving this change is a paradigm of interconnection, the notion that “everything is connected”. This is a fundamentally different idea from “everything is hierarchical” and that decisions, influences and actions cascade down from the most influential to the least. We now understand ourselves to live in a world where seemingly insignificant things can wield major impacts. A dramatic example is found in revelations of how the brainchild of an obscure young Canadian campaigner has influenced democracy and the course of Western politics.

In such a world, the notion of leadership needs to be re-calibrated. A leader is an influencer, attuned to the nuance of context. An admirable leader is self aware and prioritizes ethical action.

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Organizational excellence is increasingly recognized as a function of workplace culture. Employees are increasingly seen as needing to be engaged in order to enhance that culture. What employees most want are three things; a good relationship with their boss, supportive team members and a valued-aligned workplace. That doesn’t require mega bucks – it does require an ethical foundation and leadership alignment.

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