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Organizational culture is the untapped resource in the sustainability equation.

Once your organization is set on course towards sustainability goals, cultural alignment is the engine to make it happen.

Influencing change is a dance between formal intention and the informal interactions between people. Formal processes include strategy, planning, policies, systems, measures, and training. Informal processes include modeling, storytelling, championing and relating. The art of organizational culture change is to engage both aspects to make a new meaning.

Tailored to your organization, we partner with you to:

  • Develop your sustainability vision as a compelling force to move forward
  • Engage employees in contributing to sustainable value
  • Teach your stakeholders about sustainability and why it is important to your organization
  • Connect to your unique corporate culture and find points for action
  • Evolve a sustainability mindset built on where your organization is now
  • View nature as your productivity partner

We work with you to:

  1. Assess your organization to determine the range of attitudes and assumptions related to sustainability culture
  2. Design an approach tailored to your unique culture and where you stand on the Sustainability Culture Continuum
  3. Implement a Sustainability Culture Plan
  4. Monitor results


“Hilary has some unique skills that effectively “worked a miracle” in terms of organizational development in this branch. This was a daunting task that required marrying the “old guard” and the new, overcoming ten years of organization development history and bringing together strong-minded dedicated professionals to build one team from four.

What I found particularly helpful is the flexibility and number of “tools” Hilary brought to the process tailoring each session as we developed together. The end result was a common vision, mission and values and a commitment to an ongoing process.

I was very impressed with Hilary’s experience, expertise, flexibility and the personal integrity she brought to the process. I highly recommend her for any organizational development and facilitation projects you may need help with.”

Diane Officer, Director
City of Ottawa

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Engage a culture of sustainability