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We adapt to your resources and process to support your top priorities.

You can engage us through coaching, training and consulting:

Coaching: An expert supporting you behind the scenes

Working with the person assigned the role of leading sustainability programming in the organization, together we assess current challenges and translate these into short and long-term goals.

We craft a coaching program to support you in achieving your goals. We meet regularly on a web-based meeting platform (for example, Webex) and interact through email between meetings.

Training: Learning and applying new skills

When a team of people in the organization need to learn new skills it is efficient to learn together. Leverage Catalyst Mind expertise in organizational change, sustainable development and learning from nature to enhance your team’s capacity to shift to a sustainability culture.

Examples of our training programs include:

  • Igniting Leadership for Sustainability
  • Engaging Employees in Your Sustainability Program
  • Transitioning through Change
  • Navigating Ambiguity
  • Learning from Nature for the Workplace

Consulting: Shifting the organization to the next level

Starting with a discussion to discover your goals and priorities, we explore how to achieve your goals, from where you are on the Sustainability Culture Continuum. We design a process tailored to your needs, which can include:

  • Engaging employees and other stakeholders in your sustainability plan
  • Supporting leadership teams to integrate a triple bottom line perspective
  • Shifting the culture to support sustainability goals

Contact us for a free initial consultation.

“Hilary, I really enjoyed your stories. I appreciated all the time you put into planning our day together. You took the time to ask us questions and to learn about our organization.

You are very intuitive and seemed to just know where we needed to go and allowed us the space to do it. You are a skilled facilitator and I hope I can work with you again.”

Beth Corey, Executive Director
Military Family Resource Centre, National Defence

A sustainable relationship is one of mutual exchange

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