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Catalyst Mind is about shifting mindset to support values-aligned culture.

Our expertise in organizational development, natural systems and sustainability will help you move your goals forward.

We partner with you to engage the whole organization in your sustainability plan, shift the culture and support leadership to guide values-aligned outcomes.

Our unique approach involves:

Engaging the whole organization

Integrating new ways into the organization requires full employee engagement. This is a top-down and bottom-up initiative. It involves strategic thinking and innovative experimentation, business case rationale, and inspired ideas from engaged employees. This full spectrum of input is required if your sustainability plan is to become an organizational driver.

Shifting mind-set

Organizational life is a dance between formal intention and the informal interactions between people often referred to as ’culture’. Culture change towards a sustainability mind-set involves influencing cultural leverage points for change. Some of these are included below. How these are deployed determines whether you will engage buy-in or face push-back.

  • Measuring outcomes and performance
  • Physical environment, resources and opportunity
  • Feedback about impact
  • Incentives
  • Modelling others
  • Committed vision and goals

Learning from nature

We engage with nature in three ways:

Applying nature’s principles to model new modes of doing things. Nature is extraordinarily innovative and we can learn from how survival, efficiency and opportunistic challenges have been addressed through evolution. The principles by which nature functions can guide us toward adopting resilience and sustainability. A simple example is nature’s efficiency. There is no waste in nature because a by-product of one organism’s metabolism is food for another. We are starting to learn how to do this in industry; it is called the circular economy.

Contact with nature for well-being. More and more studies are confirming that nature is good for us – and it doesn’t take much to make a difference. Applied to the workplace, this information is indicating that simple interventions can enhance productivity, lower stress, heighten creativity and focus thinking.

Inspiration. We all know that we are more likely to feel inspired looking out at a beautiful natural scene than within the four walls of a room. Nature gives us a sense of uplift that can be leveraged for business gain – this is why leaders often go to retreats to do their best thinking. Inspiration can also be directed in a focused way to engage the imagination and solve problems we are grappling with.

“Hilary has unique skills that effectively ’worked a miracle‘ in terms of organizational development in this branch. This was a daunting task that required marrying the ‘old guard‘ with the new, overcoming ten years of organization development history and bringing together strong-minded dedicated professionals to build one team from four.

What I found particularly helpful is the flexibility and number of ’tools‘ Hilary brought to the process and how she tailored each session as we developed together. The end result was a common vision, mission and values and a commitment to an ongoing process.

I was very impressed with Hilary’s experience, expertise, flexibility and the personal integrity she brought to the process. I highly recommend her for any organizational development and facilitation projects you may need help with.”

Diane Officer, Director
City of Ottawa

A healthy culture is one of mutual exchange

Shifting Mindset