Catalyst Mind has been supporting organizational development for over 25 years.

Catalyst Mind works with community and business leaders aligned with our values of Integrity, Purposefulness, and Excellence.

Our core strengths include holistic executive coaching, team development, and organizational health.

We take a holistic approach to all we do. This includes seeing all people as learners with skills to contribute and opportunities to grow. We support the whole person, logic and heart, personal and professional, aptitudes and challenges.

The human exists in the context of society and the natural world. We strive to make the world a better place for all people and other creatures of the earth.

Hilary Samuel, Founder

Hilary Samuel is an Educator, Facilitator and Power Coach. An expert in transformational change, she has worked with people all over the world to foster breakthrough learning.

With decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes and with community leaders, her principle delight is seeing the progress that happens when leaders clear roadblocks with insight, and when teams shift to become aligned.

Hilary is a facilitator extraordinaire who in the words of one client “has some unique skills that effectively “worked a miracle” in terms of organizational development in this branch.” Hilary is able to tap into people’s zones of genius in a disarming way that encourages honesty, transparency and cooperation.

As a coach Hilary is described as insightful, non-judgemental and firm, “gently prodding us towards success”. She is fully committed to her clients’ progress and she partners with them to achieve the outcomes they are seeking.

Hilary brings a comprehensive approach to her practice and is trained both as a Power Coach and as a Health Coach. As a Power Coach she facilitates transformative change for leaders and teams. As a Health Coach, her expertise helps her clients deal with underlying physical roadblocks to achieving the results they are looking for. Through her business, Asleep at Last, she specializes in helping people get great sleep. She is happy to bring these services to the organizational setting, helping employees bring their full capacities to the workplace.

She holds Master’s Degrees in Education (MEd, McGill University), Human Systems Intervention (MA, Concordia University) and Ecopsychology (MA, Viridis Graduate Institute). As a coach she is certified as an Associate Power Coach (Coaching and Leadership International), a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy) and a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

Hilary has also trained Gestalt Psychology, Co-counseling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She brings other holistic therapies to her practice including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) and PSYCH-K.

Hilary’s greatest joy is being outside in nature on her bike, her skis, or kayak.

“Hilary has unique skills that effectively ’worked a miracle‘ in terms of organizational development in this branch. This was a daunting task that required marrying the ‘old guard‘ with the new, overcoming ten years of organization development history and bringing together strong-minded dedicated professionals to build one team from four.

What I found particularly helpful is the flexibility and number of ’tools‘ Hilary brought to the process and how she tailored each session as we developed together. The end result was a common vision, mission and values and a commitment to an ongoing process.

I was very impressed with Hilary’s experience, expertise, flexibility and the personal integrity she brought to the process. I highly recommend her for any organizational development and facilitation projects you may need help with.”

Diane Officer, Director
City of Ottawa

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