How do we find new solutions to the challenges that matter most to us?

New solutions come from new thinking.

Catalyst Mind specializes in leveraging the power of mental reframing to spark leadership development, facilitate change and boost employee engagement. We work with individuals, teams and organizations to help you connect with your true potential.

A big theme of what we do is help you navigate change; personal, team and organizational change; in the context of the greater societal change we all find ourselves navigating. Although we often fear it, change can represent opportunity. With a different mindset we can proactively embrace what life throws at us, finding the benefits in what we at first resisted.

As a global society we are at a time of profound change, calling for distributed leadership, creative collaboration and widespread positive social engagement. In fact, we see this happening every day.

This shift calls for new ways of thinking and operating. We work with you to help you adapt and to tap into your own contribution as individuals, teams and organizations.

We help you find answers to questions such as:


Latest Workshop

Deepening Our Relationship with Nature

In many ways our modern lifestyle has distanced us from experiencing our connections with the web of life. This leads to imbalances that undermine the health and vitality of our environment, our communities and within ourselves. Join us in an introductory workshop exploring a path to restoring our connections with the natural world. This workshop