How do we find new solutions to the challenges that matter most to us?

New solutions come from new thinking. Catalyst Mind is about thinking differently; using our creativity to enable change and to design solutions. With a shift of perspective what seemed like a problem can become an opportunity. As a global society we are at a time of profound change, calling for distributed leadership, creative collaboration and widespread positive social engagement. In fact, we see this happening every day. This shift calls for new ways of thinking and operating. We work with you to help you find your hidden resources and to tap into your own potential as organizations and communities. CONTINUE READING

Latest Workshop

Women’s Wellbeing Walkabout

Nature-Connected Wellness + Companionship + Happiness Skills: Our modern lives are full of stressors and complexity. Sometimes there’s a sense  that life isn’t quite what it should be. Wellbeing Walkabout™ helps reverse those feelings with a stimulating experience you will look forward to all week! We activate and balance all the elements of who we