Catalyst Mind shifts organizational cultures towards sustainability goals.

Clients are asking 3 key questions:

How do we sustain sustainability?

This includes ensuring that sustainability goals offer the organization return on investment. Clients answer this in three ways:

1) Environmental sustainability is fast becoming a given in how we are expected to function. Rather than the differentiator that will win the business, getting environmental sustainability and social responsibility right is becoming the platform for doing business. So we’d better get this baked into how we work, think, view the world and operate.

2) Attracting and retaining the best talent demands leading in environmental sustainability in the industry. In this way we are working in alignment with society's evolving values and building a world for next generations to thrive. We are responding to the market and stakeholders.

3) Getting sustainability and social responsibility in the mind-set of corporate culture is the fastest way to innovate and lead the way. When employees are empowered, they will find the solutions we are looking for. In this way we are investing in people and the future.

How do we engage employees in our sustainability goals?

Many employees are delighted when their organization embraces sustainability – in the right way.  That is because many are already looking for ways to be more sustainable in their own lives and wish for a sustainable future. When employees feel their organization is authentically addressing sustainability, they feel optimistic. On the other hand, no one is looking for “make-work” projects or reasons to tip their work-life balance in favor of work. Employees welcome guidance and opportunities to shine in their work, while also doing good.

How do we create a sustainability mind-shift in our organization?

Contributing to this 21st century global project of becoming sustainable is one of learning as we go. We have never done this before. However, we do have a few reference points to guide us. One of these is how nature functions, fitting everything into the whole. Another is how our ancestors related to the environment, principles that can be updated for the modern world. Luckily there are some living representatives still able to help us. Thirdly, we can engage all of who we are as humans in this project; our rational and intuitive intelligences.

Featured Program

Connecting with Nature

In many ways our modern lifestyle has distanced us from experiencing our connections with the web of life. This leads to imbalances that undermine the health and vitality of our environment, our communities and within ourselves. Join us in an introductory workshop exploring a path to restoring our connections with the natural world. This workshop